Weed in the White House: A 2020 Election Cheat Sheet

Where do the 2020 presidential hopefuls stand on cannabis?

Federal legalization of cannabis is one of the least talked about but most interesting topics in the 2020 election race. The industry, which has brought big business to states like California and Colorado, is still mired in federal entanglements. (The STATES Act, co-sponsored by Democratic hopeful Elizabeth Warren, looks to protect individuals and businesses from federal prosecution in states where recreational cannabis is legal.) But where do Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, and Warren herself really stand on the issue? Harris feels strongly that nonviolent cannabis convictions should be expunged, while Biden is hesitant to advocate for full federal legalization.

You can study up on each of the frontrunners in this article on MedMen’s Ember content site.

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