Who Serves Up the Best Tacos in Los Angeles?

A few experts weigh in on a deliciously controversial topic.

Ask 10 people in LA where they go for the best tacos and you’re probably going to get 10 different answers. So Los Angeles Magazine asked a handful of locals in the food biz to share their favorites, from humming trucks to bustling taquerias. Here are a few mouthwatering picks:

Where: El Huarachito (3010 N. Broadway, Lincoln Heights)

What: Tacos al Gobernador

“It’s an off-menu item called ‘Tacos al Gobernador.’ Not only is it one of my favorite tacos in LA, but it’s one of my favorite things to eat on the planet. Eat this before you die and you’ve experienced one of the tastiest things ever cooked. It’s a combination of textures with the crispy cheese that’s griddled on the outside of the tortilla, and the melted cheese mixed with perfectly seasoned juicy shrimp and peppers folded inside the tortilla. Whoever made the rule that you shouldn’t mix cheese and seafood, clearly never had anything remotely like this. Every time I eat it, it’s like I’m experiencing it for the first time and I’m still shocked by how awesome it is…literally every. time. I. eat. it. Add some of the spicy salsa (ask for the very spicy salsa) on top, a squeeze of lime for some acidity, taste it, and you’ll be back again next week. While you’re there, also get the Milanesa con Papas, my go-to order.” — Bryant Ng, Cassia


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Where: Ricky’s Fish Tacos (3061 Riverside Dr., Griffith Park)

What: The fish taco

“Ricky makes shrimp tacos and fish tacos, but my hands-down favorite is The Fish Taco. It’s incredibly fresh fish, moist, and flavorful, with a light, hot, and crispy batter, fried to order. The slaw is crispy and fresh with options of sauce to top. It’s everything an Ensenada-style fish taco should be. Try eating only one, I dare you.” — Vartan Abgaryan, 71 Above


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Where: Guerrilla Tacos (2000 E. 7th St., downtown)

What: Sweet potato tacos and braised beef tacos

“Guerrilla Tacos in the Arts District is my favorite L.A. taco spot -Wes, in my opinion is L.A.’s master taquero. Their sweet potato and braised beef tacos are addicting!” — Bricia Lopez, Guelaguetza


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