Why California Schools Topped Another “Best Colleges” List

A healthy state economy awaits many Golden State graduates.

Money’s list of 2018 Best Colleges is out and California has five schools in the top 10 alone. Four of those are part of the University of California system (the fifth school is Stanford University). So how does UC get so many of it’s campuses in the top ranks?

“Cameron Smither, an American Institutes for Research expert who helped Money wrangle its data, says the UC schools were so successful largely because of their high graduation rates, although other factors also played a role. The schools scored well for economic mobility as well as in a newly available measure of how many Pell Grant recipients graduate on time. The campuses got an extra boost because their students tend to borrow less than average.”

Along with lower tuition rates, the schools also actively improve graduation rates and launch students directly into California’s thriving economy.

You can read more and view the full list here.

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