Why Other States Will Follow California’s Lead on 100% Clean Energy by Mid Century

The nation, and the world, views the Golden State as the environmental frontrunner.

Last year, California set an ambitious goal to produce all its electricity from climate-friendly sources by 2045. Now, other state governors who ran on clean energy platforms plan to follow our lead. As the world’s fifth largest economy, our state is in a powerful position to influence environmental policy both nationally and globally.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “The policy’s growing popularity is driven in part by market trends and technological advances that make it easier to envision a future in which fossil fuels are no longer burned for electricity. But experts say California’s recent passage of Senate Bill 100 is also playing a role.

“’Sometimes other states don’t want to admit that they’re looking to California for leadership. But they really are,’ said Carla Frisch from the Rocky Mountain Institute, a Colorado-based think tank that has worked with cities and states on energy policy.’”

You can read more about California’s long-term plan for electric sustainability here.