Where the Wild Things Are in San Francisco

Why the coyote made a comeback in the urban neighborhoods of the Bay Area.

For urban residents of Southern California, especially those living around LA’s Santa Monica or San Gabriel Mountains, coyote sightings are a way of life. It’s not uncommon to hear the yip of their call on a quiet night, or see one roaming the streets in search of a snack. (Cue: bring the cat or the Chihuahua inside.)

But according to a story in Bay Nature magazine, San Francisco is different. That’s why people like Jonathan Young, the ecologist at the Presidio Trust, are monitoring their return to the area closer than ever.

“Before the recent resurgence, coyotes had been absent for decades, and most residents, unaware of their presence, don’t expect one might show up in their garden or along a favorite jogging route. Those who want their city wild-animal-free and those who work for organizations like Project Coyote, whose mission is to “promote coexistence between people and wildlife,” live next door to each other. And while coyotes are considered pests in many places, here Young is charged with their protection. This relies on the good opinion of a public who doesn’t know much about them. One bite, and it could slip away.”

Do you live in an urban California community that’s seen an uptick in coyote sightings in recent months? Are they friend or foe? Read the whole story here.