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Wildflower Frenzy: Where to Spot the Blooms This Spring

After record-breaking rains drenched the majority of California throughout the winter season, the earliest signs of spring carry with them the hopes of a spectacular wildflower blooming season. It’s too soon to be certain, but there are optimistic whispers about the potential of a California superbloom! Seemingly overnight, the rolling hills of the Golden State will be transformed into a fantastic display of vibrant colors as millions of wildflowers burst into life. From March through June, a frenzy of native wildflowers, like California poppies and lupine, can be spotted across the state. Check out our favorite places to spot the blooms this spring. 

Where to Spot the Blooms

Venture out to one of California’s stunning parks or recreation areas for a chance to spot a magnificent wildflower bloom. Lassen Volcanic National Park, in the northern part of the state, is home to an abundance of wildflowers that last well into summer, thanks to a variety of elevations in the park. In Central California, the place to be is Pinnacles National Park: the volcanic soil is rich in nutrients, creating an ideal spot for a wildflower extravaganza! Further south, the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve’s rolling hillsides are set to evolve into a sea of orange blossoms. Death Valley National Park and Anza-Borrego State Park will soon explode with color as spring blossoms sprout, the earthy tones of the desert contrasted by the vivid shades of the blooms. As the wildflower frenzy takes over the Golden State, check out the California State Parks’ Wildflower Watch for the most up-to-date news on what’s in bloom. 

Peep the Poppies Responsibly

After the “Poppy Apocalypse” of 2019, we urge visitors in these natural spaces to visit responsibly: take care to stay on trail and out of the fields to avoid damaging the flowers. Visit California asks that we “Take only photographs, not flowers.” It is our shared responsibility to preserve the beauty of these wildflower blooms for years to come. 

As spring arrives, the Golden State will be blanketed in spectacularly vibrant wildflowers. With an abundance of parks throughout the state to explore, check out which parks may soon be awash with brilliant blooms!

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