Wolves Seeks to Be California’s First Luxury Whiskey Brand

Culture curators James Bond and Jon Buscemi are behind the new and highly limited run of boutique whiskey.

If you aren’t immediately familiar with the names Jon Buscemi and James Bond (no, not that James Bond), you probably know their work. Buscemi is the mastermind behind luxury eyewear brand Oliver Peoples, while Bond is the cofounder of Undefeated, the LA-based streetwear brand whose La Brea store has long been a mecca for sneakerheads. The two have recently collaborated on a boutique whiskey brand called Wolves, and its First Run product is quite the spectacle.

Each of the 898 bottles are hand-numbered and hand-wrapped in Italian sheepskin leather—a wolf in sheep’s clothing, perhaps? And with a 53% ABV, the taste should be as hot as the bottle’s design. First Run is a blend of whiskey distilled from craft stout beer (aged in a French Oak cask for eight years), whiskey distilled from a craft pilsner (aged in New Merican Oak for five years), and rounded out with a nice full-bodied rye. Apparently the copper alembic pot still used by their Master Distiller is not only rare, but produces a whiskey with more body and richness.

Learn more about Wolves and find out where you can purchase a bottle here.

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