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Yosemite Takes Back Its Iconic Namesakes After a Settlement

There was a huge public outcry when several Yosemite destinations were forced to change their names following the departure of the catering company who owned those trademarks. Now, after a lengthy dispute, properties like the famous 1920’s Ahwahnee Hotel, Camp Curry and The Wawona Hotel can restore their original names.

“I’ve said from literally Day One that these names belong with these places, and ultimately belong to the American people,” Yosemite National Park spokesman Scott Gediman told the Los Angeles Times. “So to have this dispute resolved is huge.”

“A legal settlement announced on July 15 ends a dispute that started in 2015, when Yosemite didn’t renew the contract of its longtime concession provider, a subsidiary of major vendor Delaware North. Instead, it awarded a 15-year contract to Yosemite Hospitality, a subsidiary of the company Aramark.”

As part of the deal, Delaware North will transfer the trademarks and service rights to Aramark. When that contract is completed, those trademarks and service rights will go the National Park Service at no cost.

Read more about the battle behind the scenes at Yosemite here.

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