You Have to See This Coachella Valley Home to Believe It

This oasis combines the best of the desert in one compound.

Located in Coachella, just minutes away from the music festival, this breathtaking desert vacation home overlooks a private golf course and is surrounded by a man-made lagoon.

Aerial view from the beach volleyball courts, looking back onto the rear of the house.

Interior designer Dorothy Willetts, of Willetts Design & Associates, completed the mammoth task of designing and furnishing the indoor and outdoor spaces in six months. “I believe that art is something that needs to be lived with, just as a room is meant to be lived in,” shares Dorothy.

She shared the project with architect Greg Smith of Uberion in Calabasas and Mark Bradshaw of Bradshaw Construction.

The 40,000-square foot, single story home features a spacious master suite, six guest bedrooms, a great room that includes a living room and bar, an expansive kitchen, an entertainment room, and a spa—all of which transform into indoor-outdoor space with oversized doors.

A seating area around a fire pit on the golf course. Furniture by Gloster.

In addition to the main home, other amenities include four lushly appointed guest casitas, a polo field, and tennis and beach volleyball courts. Date trees sprawl throughout and the water feature is both fun and fruitful in that it is used to irrigate the property’s rich agricultural component and lends itself to activities that bring people closer together.

Adds Dorothy, “The interior conveys a visual narrative of the clients’ lifestyle, their habits, their interests and their passions.

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