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Monday Moods: “A Little Retro”

Choosing the ultimate era of music is an impossible feat. From 1970s grooves to early 2000s anthems, music reflects a cultural moment that is always unique in its own way. For this week’s playlist, we’re throwing it back to the retro tunes that remind us of our favorite times. Think of it as our own little jukebox…

Up first this week is the upbeat anthem brought to us by MUNA. “Anything But Me” sounds like the perfect track for an early 2000’s hero story straight from the brains of the most badass band around. This energy goes hand-in-hand with “Dragging My Life Into A Dream” by LA-based duo, Girlpool. Reminiscent of a Fleetwood Mac moment in a coming-of-age story, this single builds up the energy that the group is going to need as they embark on their upcoming North American tour. 

The ultra groovy offering from Monophonics ft Kelly Finnigan is hard to believe that it’s even from this era. As the second single off their upcoming EP, “Love You Better” is psychedelic and soulful, throwing it all the way back to 70’s stuff that we can never get enough of. The Bay Area band is one of a kind, bringing all ages together with sweet sounds of retro reminiscing. Bringing it back to the sounds of Joni Mitchell and other original female icons, Single Girl, Married Girl made the pop/folk single, “Catch Me.” Impossible not to sway and swoon, the song features throwback styles that fit right into the California canyon culture. Finally, “Chipper” by Launder takes us back to the 90’s indie/grunge scene, breathing freshness into an era of music that’s hard to top. 

Want to add a little more California to your life? Jump over to Spotify and smash the follow button on our “Stay Golden” playlist. Every week we add new tracks by established and up-and-coming musicians from the Golden State. Enjoy!


“Anything But Me”


“Dragging My Life Into A Dream”


“Love You Better”

Single Girl, Married Girl

“Catch Me”



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