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Monday Moods: “Dream Weavers”

If you’ve been keeping tabs on our Stay Golden playlist you know we have a soft spot for female vocalists, especially the ones who bring a little something extra and unique to the mix. This week’s mix has four newcomers to the playlist, plus a favorite who keeps turning out incredible tracks we can’t stay away from.

While LA-via-NY artist Slothrust isn’t new, Leah Wellbaum and her incredible songwriting chops are new to us. Parallel Timeline, the band’s fifth studio album, is set to drop September 10 on Dangerbird Records. Says Wellbaum of the latest single, “‘Strange Astrology is one of the only proper love songs I have ever written. It’s an honest exploration of what it means to love someone who is intrinsically different than you. It’s about hoping that those juxtaposing qualities and instincts encourage meaningful growth instead of chaos, but knowing that inevitably it will always be a bit of both.” You can check out the video for “Strange Astrology” here.

LA pop songwriter BEVERLEE, known to many as Abby Diamond, released her Purple Violin LP back in May, but “Logic Is Lost” has been in our playlist ever since, carving out space with the way its playful, Rhodes-inflected versus lock horns with the aggressive chorus. For the last decade, Diamond has composed music for commercials, television, and film, penning songs for multiple networks as well as ghostwriting for a number of marquee artists. This new project is both a tribute to her late cousin, Beverlee Jacobson—who was tragically murdered back in 1970—and a proclamation of Diamond’s rebirth, stepping into her power as a queer woman and artist in Los Angeles.

Mark Ballas and BC Jean make up the duo Alexander Jean, and have been keeping us endlessly entertained for the last 9 months with their series of cover songs they’ve been releasing on their YouTube channel. “Sex & Candy,” originally written and recorded by Marcy Playground back in 1997, appeared on their cover list back in February but just received an official release this summer. Jean’s strong, raspy vocals are a stark contrast to the original’s laid back vibe, but the juxtaposition makes this a perfect cover version. You can enjoy Alexander Jean’s latest EP, Coming Down, here.

The last two artists on our list, Wallice (23) and Dora Jar (24), are rising stars that recently released their debut EPs, Off The Rails and Digital Meadow, respectively. Both unique voices who will undoubtedly be making multiple appearances on Stay Golden, but we wanted to close out this week’s Mood with “Multiply” and “Nothing Scares Me,” two tracks that bear each singer’s respective songwriting soul. Stay tuned to this space for more and make sure to smash the follow button on our Stay Golden playlist. Every week we add new tracks by established and up-and-coming musicians from the Golden State.


“Logic Is Lost”

Alexander Jean

“Sex & Candy”


“Strange Astrology”

Dora Jar



“Nothing Scares Me”

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