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Monday Moods: “Pieces of the Day”

Friendsgiving invitations are popping up left and right, but if you’re not too capable in the kitchen, just bring a fresh playlist of new music to delight your hosts. We’ll get you started…

Orange County indie-pop quartet Greer dropped their Happy People EP last Friday on Epitaph Records, and we’ve got the title track front and center on this week’s Mood. Very uplifting vibes with top notes of Weezer and Elvis Costello. Pairs nice with an ice cold lager.

San Francisco’s Maggie Gently continues the trend with “Hold My Hand,” a big, happy confessional that’s as sweet as the pumpkin bars your grandma brings over. Says Maggie of the track’s meaning, “I am a very romantic person, and I love that cinematic romcom moment where your crush shows up at the party and you forget how to speak.” Think shades of Wheatus, Sum-41 and Avril Lavigne. 

Mediocre is the musical union of Piper Torrison and Keely Martin, two longtime friends and multi-instrumentalists hailing from Culver City, California. Their music melds the raw pop of Sleater Kinney with the sugary fangs of Blur, and we’ve got a heavy helping of “Give In,” the middle child of their three-song Dangerbird Records Microdose Series.

Opus Orange‘s Paul Bessenbacher drew inspiration for his new full-length, Object Lessons, from 90’s indie-rock. “Breaking Mirrors” is a top down acousti-rock masterpiece that Bessenbacher says “finds abandon, joy, and impulsiveness in not knowing all the answers.”

“Moving to LA and finding my community here unquestionably changed everything,” says Teddy Grossman, looking back at his decision to break out on his own and transform his passion into his livelihood. Sprinkled with horns and fuzzy Big Muff tones, “Out Of Thin Air” is a warm glass of rye whiskey cupped in your hand while you digest your meal and watch the Lions lose another game.

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“Before We Knew”

Maggie Gently

“Hold My Hand”


“Give In”

Teddy Grossman

“Out Of Thin Air”

Opus Orange

“Breaking Mirrors”

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