Monday Moods: “Ready for the Fall”

Cue up the warm fires and stiff drinks—it’s spooky season.

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You feel that chill in the early morning air? That’s fall coming to remind you how much more fun life is when sweaters and jackets can be a part of your wardrobe. To celebrate the coming of spooky season, we’ve assembled Moods from some of our favorite up-and-coming female artists from the Golden State, starting with Zelma Stone. Named by the San Francisco Chronicle as “one of the Bay Area’s brightest budding songwriters,” Stone is serving up strong Siouxsie Sioux magic on her latest EP, The Best. Haunting and sexy with just a touch of maudlin energy. This is a must-add to your regular rotation.

Back with her first full-length project in 8 years is Megan Wyler, whose Upside Now features work with Grammy Award-winning mixer Mark Rankin (Adele, Florence + The Machine, Harry Styles) and multi-award-winning composer/producer Peter Raeburn (Under the Skin, Sexy Beast). Says Wyler of the new collection of songs, “I am expanding/digging, coming to terms with untimely death, experiencing deepest love, emerging from heartbreak, lighting the fire of resistance, celebrating female solidarity, passion, fury, the cosmos. Lighthearted stuff like that.” We’d like to picture ourselves on horseback, slowly cresting over a snow-covered hill in Iceland while listening to this on very expensive headphones.

Next up is “Maker” from LA artist Hana Vu, who is planning to release a new full-length, Public Storage, on tastemaking Detroit label Ghostly International on November 5. Admittedly she has a more recent track, “Keeper,” which is equally good, but this one pairs better with today’s mix of tracks. Eclectic and introspective, Hana Vu breaks the singer/songwriter mold, and major outlets like MTV and Billboard are all taking notice. You should, too. Check out more on her Spotify.

“Nervous Shudders,” a collaboration between LA-based Korean-American electronic/dance singer, songwriter & producer Mindy. We first featured Mindy when Night Dreamer, her project with Smashing Pumpkins guitarist Jeff Schroeder, released “Another Life.” This time she’s at it with fellow LA shoegazers Draag. A deep head-nodder, this track is begging for a big room remix from the likes of Illenium, as Mindy’s vocals tug at the heart strings and won’t let go. You can check out the video for “Nervous Shudders” here.

Now that you’re all cried out, we’re closing this week’s Mood with “Hand Heat,” the second single from LA punk rockers Broken Baby’s sophomore album, Late Stage Optimism. It’s the perfect track to raise a fist to punch the week right in the face. After all, it’s Monday. Bend those guitar notes to the sky and celebrate with us.

Want to add a little more California to your life? Jump over to Spotify and smash the follow button on our “Stay Golden” playlist. Every week we add new tracks by established and up-and-coming musicians from the Golden State. Enjoy!

Zelma Stone

“Gift Horse”


Megan Wyler

“Upside Now”


Hana Vu



Mindy feat. Draag

“Nervous Shudders”


Broken Baby

“Hand Heat”


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