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Monday Moods: “Second Stories”

While you may not have wanted the cardigan that grandma gave you this Christmas, there’s always one present you’ll never have to return: the gift of great music, lovingly packaged by yours truly. We’re back from the break and all fired up with some new tracks.

First up on our Second Stories mix is a track by 21-year-old Pasadena-based artist Charlie Hickey, who released his Marshall Vore-produced/mixed/engineered debut EP, Count The Stairs, earlier this year. “No Good At Lying” is a delicate guitar balad just as potent and melancholic as the strongest prescription you could get from an artist like Ben GIbbard. Beautiful stuff.

Australian-born, LA-based musician Hazel English drops in with “Nine Stories,” a blissed out jangly guitar track with airy vocals and a simple, pulsing beat. You can check out her self-directed video for the track here. Next is multi-instrumentalist Dylan Dunlap, whose “Stupid Me” is 1 of 6 tracks from his forthcoming EP, Stranger in my Head, out February 4 via Nettwerk Records. 

Just released earlier this month is Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Corrina Repp’s cover of Xiu Xiu’s “I Luv The Valley OH!,” the latest single off the legendary indie label Kill Rock Stars’ 30th anniversary single series. If you dig the original you’ll love Repp’s  ethereal, idyllic new twist. And last but certainly not least is Sis, the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Jenny Gillespie Mason. “Wooie” is the latest creation off Sis’ upcoming Gnani EP, due January 7 on her own Native Cat Recordings.

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Charlie Hickey

“No Good At Lying”

Hazel English

“Nine Stories”

Dylan Dunlap

“Stupid Me”

Corrina Repp

“I Luv The Valley OH!”



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