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Monday Moods: “Thoughtful & Nostalgic”

Sometimes overthinking isn’t all bad. That is if it’s put into a song. Whether you’re in the mood for reminiscing, future thinking, or stream of consciousness contemplations, listening to music is almost always sure to do the trick. That’s why we picked these five fresh tracks. All thoughtful, all nostalgic, and all on repeat for the foreseeable future. 

Starting things off is Rose Darling’s raw and direct single, “Always Almost.” The LA-based artist couples electric soundscapes with emotive lyrics that lament a past relationship and speak directly to it. Speaking of speaking directly, Lostboycrow has us all in our feels with “Chewed Up,” an intoxicating single that sings right to the one it’s written for. The indie-pop artist puts us under his spell with a track that is as pensive as it is dance-inducing. 

If you’ve been looking for a stare-out-the-window and think all the thoughts kind of tune, look no further. Kelz has seemed to cure us of our craving for feeling something, giving us the experimental and emotional offering that is “My Friend.” Written and recorded in the middle of the night in her Orange County home, the track sits you down with your innermost feelings and allows for them all to flow. Reflecting on the past, singer/songwriter Jonah Kagen made his newest single “Drowning.” Filled with emotion and contemplation, the acoustic-style song cements Jonah as an artist to keep an eye on (and cry to every now and again). Finally, “Force of Habit” by Abby Sage is unlike anything else. Part love song, part experimental experience, part undeniable earworm, this single is sure to get you thinking about all the intricacies of life and become the soundtrack to some of the best moments of working your brain. 

Want to add a little more California to your life? Jump over to Spotify and smash the follow button on our “Stay Golden” playlist. Every week we add new tracks by established and up-and-coming musicians from the Golden State. Enjoy!

Rosie Darling

“Always Almost”


“Chewed Up”


“My Friend”

Jonah Kagen


Abby Sage

“Force of Habit”

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