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Monday Moods: “Windows Down, Volume Up”

There is no universal sound for head-clearing. Some do their best thinking set to the tune of orchestral instrumental while others require lyric-heavy intensity. Regardless of the sonic vibe, it seems that many agree that the ideal setting for a main-character-head-clearing moment is in the car. Whether you’re doing loops around cul-de-sacs or driving up and down the coast, these next five songs are perfect for windows down, volume high, and letting all the mental blocks eat your dust.

Starting things off is the indie offering by local artists, Dream, Ivory. “Blue” is the perfect song for slowing things down as you increase your speed, chasing the sunset with a little bit of serenity. Next is a slightly more upbeat single, “Float Through the Ceiling” by DWLLRS, showcasing smooth vocals and a beat that’s reminiscent of summer. 

Impossible not to groove to, Jerry Paper’s newest track, “Kno Me” is the perfect song to leave your worries behind you. As the first single off their upcoming album Free Time, this indie tune feels simultaneously nostalgic yet fresh. With lyrics expressing a sense of coming into yourself, it’s the perfect song to play at full blast.

LA natives Forester called upon longtime friend Madeline to collaborate on the perfect California song. Not only does “Heart” sound like it’s sparkling, but it’s also the perfect track for the tour bus as the band embarks on their Watercolor tour. Finally, Hamish Anderson rounds things out with a proper all-American anthem. “Everything Starts Again” is the perfect track for a coming-of-age classic, making us want to hop in the car, roll the windows down, and put it on repeat. On second thought, maybe it’s time we invest in a convertible…

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Dream, Ivory



“Float Through The Ceiling”

Jerry Paper

Kno Me”

Forester feat. Madeline


Hamish Anderson

“Everything Starts Again”

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