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Out of Office: Falconer Adam Baz

If you’ve ever walked the streets of downtown LA and stared up at the massive glass and metal structures that puncture the skyline, you may have seen Adam Baz’s birds of prey circling the tops and exploring the crevices where problematic pigeons roost. Bird abatement is just one of Baz’s chosen duties as a falconer, but his connection to these magnificent creatures runs much deeper

Baz’s passion for falconry grew out of a longstanding love of birds and avian biology and conservation, and when he’s not working for some of LA’s largest property owners, he provides hands-on experiences and educational demos, as well as animal handling for film and photo shoots. Learn more about the man who makes a living training and working alongside these apex predators of the sky in the latest episode of Out of Office. You can follow also Adam on Instagram and learn more about his falconry experiences here.

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